Trakker AS 365 Compact Sleeping Bag

CENA : 22.500,00 дин.

Brend : Trakker

Trakker AS 365 Compact Sleeping Bag

22.500,00 дин.

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Featuring a highly-breathable and waterproof out material, filled with a Q7 hollowfibre filling for excellent insulating properties, the AS 365 Compact Sleeping Bag has been designed for year-round use with a 3-5 season rating. It has a reversible inner that can be zipped in or out to give you the choice of ultra-soft polyester or fleece with a filled hood for further improved warmth and comfort. The dual sided quick release zips allow a fast exit, while heat loss is prevented by the external baffles which stops air penetrating through the zip and the internal baffles prevents heat from escaping from the inside. The sleeping bag has a unique bedchair fixing strap design, keeping the bag fixed in place and keeps the zips from snagging, along with the elasticated hoods at the top and bottom.


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