Guru Fusion 200 & 300 Bait Pro Combo

CENA : 2.630,00 дин.

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Guru Fusion 200 & 300 Bait Pro Combo

2.630,00 дин.

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The new Guru Fusion range is the perfect storage system for your terminal tackle and bait, and the six products in the range will cover most of your needs.

There are seven Storage Systems in the range and they’re all made from EVA, which means they are lightweight and versatile, water resistant, strong and durable, and easy to clean compared to more traditional storage systems.

Guru Fusion 200 & 300 Bait Pro Combo

This baiting system is made from rugged, wipe-clean EVA and consists of two bowls, the 300 Bait Pro and the 200.

The 200 fits snugly inside the 300 for storage.

The EVA is totally waterproof, which means that it can simply be wiped clean at the end of the session! It’s also incredibly lightweight.



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